Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haughton Cemetery History

Haughton Cemetery started first as a private burial ground by the six Haughton brothers, Lyman, Stephan, Marvin, Cyrus, John and William.  They first settled the area 1833-1834.  At present there are about 200 graves, many without markers.  The records only begin with 1941 but only 40 plots had been sold since.  The cemetery was maintained by Washington Local Township until the city of Toledo annexed that section of Central Avenue.  Then the cemetery was turned over to the city for maintenance.  Cemetery lots cannot be sold because an abscence of early records make it all but impossible to learn which ones are available.  Burials are permitted only upon presentation of an existing deed, or an affidavit by a legal heir as to the exact location of the lot owned.  The last previous burial was in 1962.

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library and the Toledo Blade Sunday Magazine, 01/03/1965.

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