Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Toledo OH History

Mt. Carmel is Toledo's oldest Catholic cemetery.  It was formed frrom the combination of St. Francis de Sales and St.Mary's in 1939.  The cemetery has the bodies of the first nun and priest to die in Toledo.  It also has the body of Peter Navarre, Indian scout whose monument is the most prominent on the grounds.  Some of the bodies were removed to Calvary Cemetery on Dorr St.  The cemetery on the corner of Manhattan Blvd. and Lagrange St.  has 15 sections sitting on 12 acres of land.  Some of the markers can be no longer read due to time, elements and vandalism.  Records from the office show who bought the cemetery plots but not everyone who is buried in the plots.  The names and photos are what could be read on that particular day.  Hopefully in the future GPS coordinates can be given to make it easier to find the graves.  For now the pictures started with Section One at the furthest monument Riopell & Steger going from south to north in an S formation.  This may make it easier to find the markers.  Markers that just say mother, father etc. were not included because it was not definite who they belonged to and created too much confusion.

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