Saturday, May 11, 2013

Notre Dame Academy Infomation

I received a tweet from one of my followers:  Family Story Art, who was looking for information on Notre Dame Academy, Toledo OH 1939-1945.  Unfortunately our library only has yearbooks going back to 1955.  I did find a small booklet titled: A Diamond Diadem for Notre Dame 1904-1979 and one photo from the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, Images In Time Photo Archive.

Photo Circa 1899.

A Diamond Diadem For Notre Dame:

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  1. Interesting post. I am a 1977 alumna of NDA. Before their location on Sylvania, they were located on Bancroft. I don't think the building located on Bancroft exists any longer. I would think that any information needed could be obtained by calling the Province motherhouse: The school (and convent/sisters) have an interesting history.